Elephants  20x20
Mixed-Media on deep cradled birch panel (sold)


Know Thyself 20x20
Mixed Media Cradled Birch Panel

Screaming Crow 20x20
Mixed Media Deep Cradled Birch Panel

Who's Looking at You? 30x30
Mixed Media on Canvas

Be Bright and Beautiful ~ 2011
12x12 Mixed media on birch panel

Giraffe ~2011 (SOLD)
12x12 Mixed media on birch panel

New Theory ~ 2012
20x20 Mixed media on birch panel

2012 Mixed media on canvas

If I Could Paint You A Garden ~2012
Mixed media on plywood

The Darkest Hour ~2012
14x14 Mixed media on birch panel
Live Like Elephants ~ 2012 (SOLD)
36"x36"Mixed media birch Panel

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant work ! I love all your colors which help to keep some light in Life which can be dark at times ...