Friday, August 1, 2014

It is August!?

This year has flown by! 
My health has been mostly stable, thank The Lord! The mild flares I have dealt with have been an inconvenience from time to time (there was a week or two my vision kept me from driving) but, otherwise, I feel great and my energy is steady. 
~I participated in Tioga Winter Art Fair this March. I had a blast! I will be doing it again next March. Amazing art, great people, cool weather- I don't tolerate the heat any more. 
~I have painted a great deal, at home and also at every opportunity I have for painting LIVE!- I love painting at events!

~I participated in St. John's River Festival of The Arts in May, what a fantastic weekend!!



"Grace & Flowers" is a 30"x40" original commission painted for a client- her beautiful home is absolutely full of incredible artwork. I am so honored that she asked me to create this custom piece.
~I enjoy painting LIVE! during Artwalk Gainesville every month I get a chance!

These are the pieces I remembered to photograph!
 There have been a few I've missed. 
~I have work displayed at Gainesville Lighting Gallery, an amazing shop in Thornebrook Village in Gainesville.
~I have had my work in Galleria Lyons, a new super fun gallery in St. Augustine for a couple of months now... wild!
~I have been accepted to participate in Spectrum Miami in December.
I am still overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation! I am so honored! It's really a dream come true to be part of such a large event- and just to be in Miami during this art-filled week!!!
Now is the nitty gritty of funding this large of an event. I'm doing my part:prayers, affirmations, staying happy!
And painting up a massive inventory! 

~I also have small juried show I will be participating in this month, I will be August's featured artist for Artwalk Gainesville. I've been invited to be the featured artist at a local restaurant, and display work for a month or two...
~I will be attending Gainesville Fine Art Association meetings...
I am loving the local art community!
~My Etsy shop is still open for business!
More will be available there soon... go buy something :)
I also hope to blog again before another eight months go by! Yikes!!!
This has been the condensed version... when I list all of my art goings on in one place, I am really, really grateful for where I am.
I am surprised at how much I am actually doing and saying Yes! to...  Sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough... Dreaming as big as I am, I ought to be pushing harder ... painting more, getting art in more places.
I'm actually doing way more than I remember!
I am also taking more breaths and painting with the boys more regularly... I had gotten busy and out of that habit. Painting together is grounding and inspiring. It will be happening on the regular again.
I am blessed and grateful.
Happy August Everyone!


  1. Your artwork and blog all so inspiring Jess. I really enjoyed getting a good look here at more of your artwork. Love the layers of your paintings and how unique they look. PS I'd love to know how you manage to stay so pretty, and your clothing clean while painting. :) Beautiful!! All the best with continued good health.