Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Artwork from July!

I'm pausing for a moment to share the latest from me studio!
~I will be painting LIVE! this Friday night at the Artwalk in downtown Gainesville.
Underwriting spot appearing on WUFT-TV
My artwork was featured in a short advertisement for the event. How cool is that?!
~I have opened my Etsy Shop !
I am offering a Grand Opening Coupon
use 'GRAND815' at checkout for 50% off!!
Valid through August 15, 2013
Go shop! :)
And check back, I will be adding new work often.
My goal is to totally fund my Serendipity Retreat from art sales.
 It will be my first big solo get away since.. well, ever.
My husband will be taking a vacation from work to hang out with our boys 24/7 and is looking forward to lots of man time...
I will be able to totally relax and enjoy the experience fully knowing they will all be having a great time. I'm grateful David has the ability and is super-dad willing to make the week awesome  while I'm enjoying my retreat!
 24"x48" acrylic paint and inks on canvas
This is the piece I worked on at last months artwalk.
"Found" is 24"x48" on canvas.
I recently finished this HUGE magnolia.
It is 48"x48" on canvas. Photos don't do it justice. I'm incredibly pleased with the way it turned out.
When I'm painting florals I tend to work more from my heart and let flowers be what they want to be. I wanted this piece to look a certain way... you know, be recognizable as the flower I was depicting. I'm very happy with it.
I will have it listed on etsy soon!
I have a 36"x36" Wild Woman on my easel at the moment.  She brought a peacock friend into this painting.
I will have her finished and share with you very soon.
Thank you for dropping by,

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