Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Wrap Up

November is over- what a fabulous month!
After an insane couple of months, my husband has a break from school and took 10 days off work. 
We had a blast! 
Here is a little look-see at what we got into:

 Friday (Nov. 9th) afternoon my parents came over to stay with the boys - David and I headed a few hours south to St. Pete Beach for me to attend Paint Mojo with Tracy Verdugo. My FIRST art retreat/class/paint well with others experience. What an incredible time!

We stopped at 'The Nut House' for boiled peanuts on our drive down... ate a LOT of fish... sushi... smoked salmon... lox for breakfast... there were espressos late in the evening with homemade ice cream from local shops...

The beach.  

We were out and about early both mornings.
I saw wild dolphins for the first time from the beach Saturday morning.  


 We had fun. 
 He's my best friend. 
I painted. 
With Tracy and 15-16 other talented women 
such an amazing group of women!
I came away from this weekend refreshed, recharged, with new friends, new connections and just filled up..
 I felt like I had more to offer my kids. I didn't feel like I was running on empty. Just 'getting by'. 
Once we got home, David was off for another solid week.

 We did lots of family stuff. 
One day we went to the local teaching zoo.
The boys and David made friends with a Peacock that followed them around for a while.
We had to visit the snakes twice ... these two are such little boys..
 We had a dinosaur themed birthday party! My baby is 2 and the big guy is 4. (where has the time gone!?) Mom and I Dino-fied these simple hooded jackets. The boys flipped over them!
Add wild socks..
And these adorable feet my mom made for them...  and they go 'roaring' about the house.
Quite satisfied with their level of dinosaur-ness.
Totally adorable.
I even found some time to rummage at thrift stores. I love these plant tables... the Dino-Boys ride them like wild animals. Priceless.
I also scored a piece of furniture that a friend was looking for - $5. 
 I will be painting it up for Christmas!!

I hope your November was happy and full!
2012 is coming to a close.
Is there anything you are hoping to squeeze in before the
calendar flips?
My plan is to ring the new year in with no half completed projects... we shall see. ;)

Much Love,


  1. Very cool photos! Sounds like you had a great time. The Dino party looks fun too! Great post :)

  2. Such great photos. And what a sweet, sweet family. The pics of you and your husband really made me smile. :)