Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello October!

October is here,
I am looking forward to cooler weather and open windows!

I am completely in love with my iPhone 5
The kids have been been super great sports with all the photo taking and silly face making. 

I painted these silly little piggy banks ... 
A couple of my friends and I are planning a girls weekend out and I thought this would be a cute reminder for us to be stashing some cash so that we can have as much fun as possible during our time away.

Friday night three of us girls went to dinner and a movie. 
It has been years (if ever) since we had been out carefree and without a curfew. 2am just isn't what it used to be... it feels different when you aren't able to sleep till 11 the next morning.

I remembered why I don't wear heels of insane heights out without my husband to catch me when I ... inevitably find the pot hole ...

 That isn't a tattoo on my right foot... that was a spot of paint. I got a shower earlier in the day. After getting creative with the boys I tried to scrub all the paint and marker off ... surprised this was the only spot I missed!

 I am totally loving the fluid acrylics and inks I recently purchased. 
A little too much even.
This poor painting never had a chance...

I worked and over worked until I was pulling layers of paint off and revealing the bare canvas again. It was paint soup. 
I had so much fun. I let myself keep going, unconcerned about the end result. I have blank canvas stacked in my closet. 
It wasn't without purpose-
I have a large commission I am working on and I want to get all that wild and antsy energy out, so that I can connect with what I want the commission to become.
 That pencil sharpener is the Merl Norman make-up pencil sharpener I've had since I started wearing make-up at 13. It gets used way more in my art bag than it ever did in my make-up bag!

 This commission is 36" x 36" 
I think I have fallen in love with the unhindered feeling of a large paint space.
I might just need an easel- I rigged this set up last paint session. My ironing board in front of my entertainment center.. I just took off the cover and replaced it with a drip cloth (the understanding husband might not understand acrylic being ironed into his work shirts). Speaking of his shirts, I snagged one headed for Goodwill to paint in. It has been saving *some* of my clothes. 
I may end up needing coveralls like mechanics use.

How about you, What new projects have you got going on??
 Any new favorite supplies? 
Hope you are enjoying the change of seasons,
it always seems to breath life into creativity for me.
Much love,

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