Friday, September 7, 2012

Sleep Aids and In Progress Paintings ...

I've not been sleeping well.
The TWO full moons this month have not helped matters.
I've had a rotten-awful cold, add coughing to the mix and my husband was concerned. 
Five hours of sleep is not enough for me. Burn out/meltdown is not far off when I cannot find sleep.
He brought me home an over the counter sleep aid.
Now. Any of you who know me personally know how I am with ANY kind of medication. 
Benadryl = truth serum. I am typically a sharing kind of person... one of these bad boys and you will get more than you've bargained for. 
Prescription Pain Medication = 12 hours of vomiting and I passed out and had a twitch fit (seizure? Idk I wasn't awake to witness it) OH, and this was as prescribed after DENTAL work. That was a fun one. NOT.
To say I was a little apprehensive when Dave handed me the pretty little blue green liquid gel ... understatement. 
But. Man. I was TIRED!
 I took the pill and went to bed at 10. 
David stayed up to watch a movie, he planned on coming to bed by midnight. 
I remember him coming in and asking me if I was alright? APPARENTLY I had been jabbering and yelling  incoherently in my sleep.
My eyes POPPED open wide awake at 2:30am. 
Managed to get back to fitful sleep... dreamed CRAZY dreams about faceless people. 
I will deal with sleep issues on my own, thanks! 
  The dreaming did get me thinking about this painting I have in progress...  

Hope YOU are sleeping well! 
Sweet Dreams


  1. sleep issues are my thing but I can't do the sleep aid thing either... I have given up and squeeze in a nanna nap when I can to stave off permanent melt downs... that painting looks kind of scary so I don't think you should take that stuff again... although the painting is going to be interesting...xx

  2. Tracy, yes, naps are wonderful! My hubs usually makes sure I get one after church Sunday. ... I've missed a week or two. The boys are a little under the weather and I managed to doze a bit today. This painting is one I gave up on a couple of months ago... weirded me out a bit too.. not really where I wanted it to go, lost momentum. After the dream I believe it is time to reclaim the panel and make it something different :)
    And noooo, not taking sleep aid again!! (my husband is the sleep talker in the family.. we can't be arguing in our sleep hahahaa!)

  3. Oh, poor Jess! There is nothing I hate more than a sleepless night! Maybe you could try melatonin, which is a natural hormone your body makes anyway. If you are desperate, it would probably be safer than a drug. (of course, since I am reading this blog so long after you wrote it, you may have already passed these sleepless nights and are on to sleeping like a baby, I hope! ♥