Tuesday, September 11, 2012


A few things you probably don't know about me:

~ Daisies are my favorite flowers.
And Hydrangeas. Depending on the day.  

~ I am TERRIBLE about deleting emails... 2603 emails currently in my In Box... read less than half of them... I get on lists ... supplement companies, craft companies... *sigh*

~ I hate breakfast. 
My stomach is not ready receive food before 10 am. Even on those wild days when the boys are up and running at 4am. 

~ I am a terrible movie watcher ... never watched Titanic. Watched Hunger Games less than half way through... The Vow, never finished it. Those are just the ones that come to mind ... there is a long list of movies that are smash hits that I just couldn't get into, or wasn't bothered that I didn't finish. 

~ My favorite colors are shades of green.

~ Fall is by far my most favorite time of year. 
~Last three Pandora Stations:
Pear Jam

~ On a bad day I've been caught red-handed consuming an entire bag of Reese's peanut butter cups ... oh, yeah, the BIG bag. 
(It was early on in our marriage, David asked me if I needed my mom... or a doctor.) 

Hoping to sling some paint tonight! 
Happy Tuesday


  1. Enjoyed your 'little secrets' -- we have a lot in common. My email currently has 13,356 in it! It's really daunting. I had it under control not long ago, however I'm like you - a lot of things catch my attention at the time -- then they pile up. Enjoy your day. Donna

  2. WHOA! 13+K ... daunting. yes! Wishing you luck with YOUR inbox! <3 It happens before you know it!!

  3. We just might be long lost BFFs :)

    I LOVE daisies, cannot eat breakfast before 10 and at one point had an unspeakable number of emails in my work email. More than you mentioned, and i'm too embarrassed to say here :)

    Visiting from the Flying Lessons Facebook page!

  4. Kimberly!
    I plunked around on your blog space... I must concur. Nice to meet you, LL(longlost)BFF! :)
    Will be taking a longer look at your blog and finding you on facebook ... my eyes are crossing and the kids wake up WAY too early. I just had to respond before turning in! Thanks for saying hi!!
    Looking forward to the next few weeks of Lessons. Preparing myself for brain overload... but, in a good way.

  5. Jess, you are so real ( and honest!) Hope you are creating!

  6. I love that you don't care about watching a movie all the way through! If I am at home and not in the theater I am the exact same way! It drives my family crazy.
    I am also a fellow flyer from fb. :)

  7. Hi Jess,
    This post made me laugh. I also love daisies (totally my favorite), but I have breakfast every day and can watch way too many movies in a row.

    However, green(shades of...especially turquoise) is my favorite color, I've eaten a whole bag of Peanut Butter Cups (watch out! Nearly Halloween!), but mostly loved your husband's response to it. lol

    Great to be on the e-course with you!

  8. Hi Jess! I popped over from the Flying Lessons FB page to check out your new banner -- LOVE it!! I also love this post -- a great idea! Good luck to you with your painting :)


  9. lol... I love that you don't watch movies all the way thru. It bugs my husband when I multi-task while watching movies. Most of them just are not interesting enough to pull me in. I found you from the flying lessons page on fb.

  10. We are soooo alike, you don't even know how much!! LOL So glad we got to meet in person instead of just being crazy online friends! LOL