Sunday, September 23, 2012

With Love, From my NEW iPhone

My precious Husband SURPRISED ME with a iPhone 5 -on the release day!!!

'The Other Side' 12x12 on birch cradled panel

105 photos in 3 days. 
Just give me a week ;) 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


A few things you probably don't know about me:

~ Daisies are my favorite flowers.
And Hydrangeas. Depending on the day.  

~ I am TERRIBLE about deleting emails... 2603 emails currently in my In Box... read less than half of them... I get on lists ... supplement companies, craft companies... *sigh*

~ I hate breakfast. 
My stomach is not ready receive food before 10 am. Even on those wild days when the boys are up and running at 4am. 

~ I am a terrible movie watcher ... never watched Titanic. Watched Hunger Games less than half way through... The Vow, never finished it. Those are just the ones that come to mind ... there is a long list of movies that are smash hits that I just couldn't get into, or wasn't bothered that I didn't finish. 

~ My favorite colors are shades of green.

~ Fall is by far my most favorite time of year. 
~Last three Pandora Stations:
Pear Jam

~ On a bad day I've been caught red-handed consuming an entire bag of Reese's peanut butter cups ... oh, yeah, the BIG bag. 
(It was early on in our marriage, David asked me if I needed my mom... or a doctor.) 

Hoping to sling some paint tonight! 
Happy Tuesday

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sleep Aids and In Progress Paintings ...

I've not been sleeping well.
The TWO full moons this month have not helped matters.
I've had a rotten-awful cold, add coughing to the mix and my husband was concerned. 
Five hours of sleep is not enough for me. Burn out/meltdown is not far off when I cannot find sleep.
He brought me home an over the counter sleep aid.
Now. Any of you who know me personally know how I am with ANY kind of medication. 
Benadryl = truth serum. I am typically a sharing kind of person... one of these bad boys and you will get more than you've bargained for. 
Prescription Pain Medication = 12 hours of vomiting and I passed out and had a twitch fit (seizure? Idk I wasn't awake to witness it) OH, and this was as prescribed after DENTAL work. That was a fun one. NOT.
To say I was a little apprehensive when Dave handed me the pretty little blue green liquid gel ... understatement. 
But. Man. I was TIRED!
 I took the pill and went to bed at 10. 
David stayed up to watch a movie, he planned on coming to bed by midnight. 
I remember him coming in and asking me if I was alright? APPARENTLY I had been jabbering and yelling  incoherently in my sleep.
My eyes POPPED open wide awake at 2:30am. 
Managed to get back to fitful sleep... dreamed CRAZY dreams about faceless people. 
I will deal with sleep issues on my own, thanks! 
  The dreaming did get me thinking about this painting I have in progress...  

Hope YOU are sleeping well! 
Sweet Dreams

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Behold, the power of Intention!

This is the text I sent my mom last night:
"I have goals for tonight: Finish these two paintings and start one or two more!"

I WILL be stating goals more often. 
Not only did I finish the two I planned on, I started and completed two little pieces that are fun and fresh! 

'If I Could Paint You A Garden' 
 2'x4' (give or take) 3/8" Plywood
(Terribly difficult to photograph... I will re-post once I have it done professionally)

I started this piece Sunday night. I was surprised when I looked at my calendar how quickly I completed it. 
It probably has a lot to do with the emotions I was working through. I've been turning into myself a lot as of late, 
I am a FIXER. 
Aries/Type A/Sensitive? 
Whatever label fits, I just want to help people move past whatever pain they are in.  
I've found myself shying away from interactions ... 
It seems like every time I answer the phone, greet a friend there is something that they are facing that just IS
Somethings cannot be fixed.
A marriage (or two or three) is over.
A disease is without cure and difficult to manage.
Hearts longing and working so hard to create a family.
Souls sharing the deep wounds from childhood. 
There is no band aid. 
No blue print to rebuild.
No map-quest to resolution. 
I wish I possessed a magic wand. 
But none of us do. 
All I can do/be is sit with them in their pain. 
Listen to their struggles, share my own. 
But mostly. Listen.
'If I Could Paint You A Garden' 
Is my hope and prayer for all the heavy hearts in my acquaintance. 

'A Sense of Repose'
I've had this one going for a couple of weeks. I am glad to have it complete. I was happy to see the flowers loosen up a bit. 
It's quite telling of the unfolding in my own life. Embracing truths. 
Getting past the past.

On a lighter note~ 
'Baby Rex' 12x12 birch panel

'Thom Rhino' 12x12 birch panel
I pumped out these two fun pieces start to finish last night. 
A real exercise in letting go and slinging paint without thought. 
Liam loves Dinosaurs. 
Orin loves Rhinoceroses.
Liam will be 2 in October and Orin will be 4 (!?!) in November. 
These will be gifts for them. I intend to paint more FOR my kids.
We paint a lot together, but I want them to have things that I have created specifically for them and their passions at the time.

Last night was the most magical paint time I've had to date. I accomplished more than I believed I could. 
I will definitely continue with the goal stating.

How has making or viewing art/music helped you through something that just IS, one of those things you just have to live through and accept? 
For me, my life is pretty true to my dreams. But, there is this one thing... I have ALWAYS wanted a daughter, always seen myself with three little ones. I've seen her in my dreams at night. I've got my grandmother's cedar chest full of pieces of my childhood saved for her. 
That will never be. 
I have accepted it. Mostly. 
I'm by no means passed the grief. 
My heart will always long for her.
When I paint about it, I find room to breath.
 A little more acceptance. 

How about you?
Look forward to hearing your story,
much love,