Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 24-30... the condensed version.

Ah, well. 
I missed a week out of this month of photos,
I really could go back and date them properly, you know 'cheat' a little. I decided against it. It's August Break, right? 
I took a break from the Break. Ha!
Here's some of what has been going on:
Artist Trading Cards... yikes! :)
I attended an etsy craft party hosted by my talented friend Harmony
the event was held at the Repurpose Project what an amazing space!   
 A couple of my good friends joined me. 
I don't know how it happened, but I TOTALLY failed at capturing this event. No group shot. Hardly any photos. 
This event was the first time I've ever made ATC... I got to feeling a little cramped and ended up painting the brown paper table cloth... then looked around and realized I was the only one making a mess of this magnitude. This was also my first experience creating with others. 'Messy Jessi' a childhood nickname might actually be quite fitting for my artist self. ha.
We had a lovely time! It was great seeing Harmony, we have had a little boy each since the last time we had gotten together, yes, almost 2 years. Crazy how time flies! 

Enormous cups troughs of coffee. 
Every morning. 
With espresso. 
That's how I am surviving the insane hours I allow myself to be pushed to. 12am-4:59am is NOT enough sleep for me. 
This is on the top of my list of things to change.  
The boys painted this morning. 
If you give a kid a paint brush...  

 It will end in a colorful bubble bath. 
Fritzie cannot believe all the shenanigans I allow around here!

As for MY artwork:
 I have a 20x24 canvas almost finished... and then in the works as well... 
This is approx 2'x4' plywood scrap mom gave me.
I knew I needed to paint bigger
Especially after attempting artist trading cards. Having the freedom of a large space allows me to loosen up and breath... make mistakes, paint them out... or not. 
 I believe I will enjoy creating the ATC's but, it will take some getting used to.

 When I sit down in front of a blank space, I feel like I am painting a mirror, whatever it is that I have going on in my life finds it's way onto that space.

It can be quite daunting. 

When I sit down, that blank space only wants me
It does not care how many people have faith in my ability, or how big my artist community is. 
I am alone when I create.
I have discovered I prefer it that way. 
I have found a new groove for my creative aloneness,
I pop in my ear buds and crank Pandora.
Last night after the boys went to bed my husband, brother and brother-in-law put on a man movie in the living room, I tuned it all out and painted till my heart was content. 

Is there anything in particular that helps you find your creative 'groove'? 
Are you a creative loner, like me, or do you thrive creating shoulder to shoulder with other artists?

Much Love!

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