Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 19

This was such a happy Sunday! 
After church we all went to my grandparents house to eat a lovely dinner Mom cooked.

 My parents are celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary today. 
I adore them both! They are such a fabulous love story. 
They were married 6 months after they met. 
My dad was 27, my mom was 17.
They are still such an example of how a Christian couple should care for one another.

 This fun photo was taken about a year ago... the whole gang. 
My younger brother, dad and husband in the back, my Mom, my oldest, me and my baby. 

Oh. I also got a nap on my gran's bed while everyone visited in the living room= peace! 
It has been a beautiful day. 
It's a drippy day outside and perfect for calming nerves.

Hope you have had a happy Sunday!

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