Monday, June 4, 2012


June 4,2005 (photo by Edie Kynard)

Seven years ago, 
June 4, 2005 
I married the love of my life after dating 
Seven months. 

We decided to have a week without television ... not thinking about the anniversary that was around the corner... 
By coincidence (which I do not believe in) 
We started our TV-Free week, 7 days ago. :)
We have had dinner together at the dining room table most nights. 
Had meaningful conversations.. not just work/kids/money/schedule updates and quick chit-chat.
We have had successful arguments... you know the ones where you both go into it with emotionally charged opinions... hash it out and come out on the other side with an honest appreciation for where the other is coming from and a deeper love for one another.  
We have read more.
We have talked and focused on our Spiritual life.
We have gone to bed before midnight. 
We have made changes to our television viewing schedule for the future... not that we gave every moment of every evening to television viewing... it had been a go-to for 'getting home from work' or 'relaxing' after a stress-filled day with the boys. 
We have become that for one another.
We have rounded a corner... more comfortable in our own skins...
The boys are older. 
I am having more time to paint.
David has been in his management position for a year now and is more relaxed with the responsibility. 

April 28, 2012 David's 30th Birthday Party  (Photo by Edie Kynard)

Life is good. 

In Love, 


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