Friday, June 8, 2012


Screaming Crow
I really thought the post on  'Screaming Crow' would be a lengthy explanation of all the ins and outs of  my journey to a complete painting, much like 'Limitless'
Not the case. 
It was a beautiful adventure to a simple realization. 
All about boundaries.
Elegant ones. 
Not the harsh, desperate ones that come from a place of suffocation and self defense. 
But the ones that prevent that level of depletion and panic.
I am accepting sometimes it is necessary to decline perfectly reasonable requests.
Because for whatever reason it will deplete me.
 Politely, with grace and love in my heart
I am saying "no" to those things that make me less capable of functioning in my world and that keep me from being fully present with my two little ones. Saying "no" to the things that overextend and thin my patience, patience that prevents the snapping and irritated responses that my husband does not deserve. 
I am putting my life first.
Preserving the best of me for mine.
Who deserve the best I have to offer. 
And in doing so, I find I have more to give.
More compassion. Patience. For everyone

 Much love,

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