Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Painting the Afternoon

Thought I would share the photos from this afternoon...
it all started with an outdoor paint session

 Then things got a little messy...
Watching the boys paint, so uninhibited  made me think about the class I took by the lovely Wyanne...
(which I cannot recommend enough!!)
Which is exactly what they are doing... 
I pray that I am able to encourage them to hold onto the  free spirited expression, the getting lost in the magic 
and the mess of it all... 

And the ability to enjoy the clean up as well. 
Let loose a little and Paint Free! 


  1. love these pics jess! looks like so much fun. i cant wait until my new little man is big enough for paint play with his big brother. miss you guys.

  2. Thanks Harmony, it won't be long, he is getting so big! Miss y'all too, we will have to plan an adventure soon.

  3. Oh...this is so WONDERFUL! Filled with so much love and inspiration! Thank you so much for thinking of me. You are so fabulous and so creative...you haven't even begun to touch upon on how great you are! Love you Jess!

  4. Thank you, Wyanne! I did not paint before Paint Free... now I cannot imagine how barren life would be without all of my paint-ruined clothes <3 I'm loving the fact the boys are old enough to enjoy art with me. I'm getting lots more painting done!