Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thing that make my paintbrush dance...

  • Butterflies!!!

Their Colors!!

Their Movement!!!
I LOVE Lime Green in Nature!!
  • The flowers they love!

Not the greatest snapshot, but I adore the shape of these blooms!

  • DIRT!!!
And my Little Boys love of it :)

Liam... Gardening of Course!

  •  Big Messy Fun Art Projects
Making Valentines <3

I hope you take the time to see inspirations in your everyday life. 
Open yourself to the beauty of everyday moments! 
Fill your heart with Love and Joy. 
And, Create!


  1. This made me smile, especially Liam the little gardener!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful life Jess! My heart is fuller sharing in your world and art! Thanks for the beauty girl! You, your wee family and your art make my heart smile! :0) <3

  3. You both are such a bright space in my day!! Smiles are EXACTLY what I was going for!! <3 you both!

  4. Enjoy this goes by so fast! And they'll be off to college before you know it! ♥