Wednesday, February 29, 2012


February 29, 2012
What are you doing with your 'extra' day this LEAP year?

I am taking a moment. 
And contemplating the LEAPS...
In our life there are plenty of LEAPS, things that you do on faith, trusting it will be alright, but not knowing.... yet we plunge headlong into that unknown, hearts on our shirt sleeves and a prayer on our  lips.  

~I discovered recently that I love Steel Cut Oats! :o)
I hated Oatmeal... Steel Cut Oats have more texture. 
YAY! Healthy!
With Blueberries it turns this beautiful Lavender color. Oh, so Yummy!

~I married the Love of My Life after knowing him only 7 months. 
That will be 7 years ago in June, he is still the Love of My Life!
A few months ago. My Handsome Family!

~ I am currently playing with a slightly different color palette...
Just a peek :)
The colors are a little softer and more muted than the colors I usually work in. 
Now I am off to create some adventures with the darling little boys in my life. It is a beautiful day outside. 
There is no telling what we might end up getting into! :o)

I hope you are making LEAPS and bounds in the direction of your dreams, or a wild adventure!
Happy Day,
love, jess



  1. I find your art and your life forever inspirational Jess! Both you and your art and family are the embodiment of what is beautiful in our world today. Thank you for sharing it all with the rest of us. Bless your little family now and always and happy painting! I love seeing your new works and love your new color palette! xx Christine <3

  2. Christine you are so precious, I am so blessed to call you my friend! Thank you!!