Wednesday, February 29, 2012


February 29, 2012
What are you doing with your 'extra' day this LEAP year?

I am taking a moment. 
And contemplating the LEAPS...
In our life there are plenty of LEAPS, things that you do on faith, trusting it will be alright, but not knowing.... yet we plunge headlong into that unknown, hearts on our shirt sleeves and a prayer on our  lips.  

~I discovered recently that I love Steel Cut Oats! :o)
I hated Oatmeal... Steel Cut Oats have more texture. 
YAY! Healthy!
With Blueberries it turns this beautiful Lavender color. Oh, so Yummy!

~I married the Love of My Life after knowing him only 7 months. 
That will be 7 years ago in June, he is still the Love of My Life!
A few months ago. My Handsome Family!

~ I am currently playing with a slightly different color palette...
Just a peek :)
The colors are a little softer and more muted than the colors I usually work in. 
Now I am off to create some adventures with the darling little boys in my life. It is a beautiful day outside. 
There is no telling what we might end up getting into! :o)

I hope you are making LEAPS and bounds in the direction of your dreams, or a wild adventure!
Happy Day,
love, jess


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Butterfly House

My mom's birthday gift this year was so much fun! 
My dad made this BEAUTIFUL butterfly house
Then I added a splash of color to make it nice and homey for the flutterbys :)

Names of FL butterflies on this side

Rounding a corner

Butterfly quote

No Garden Truly blooms until butterflies have danced upon it.  
~K. D'Angelo

I hope this brought a smile to your face. 
And that the butterflies move in soon! 

Love ~ jess 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Artistic ADD

My messy art corner
I've got so many things going at once! 
Here is a quick update to let you peek into 
what I've got going on...
 Screaming Crow, on 20x20 cradled birch panel
I am currently LOVING Crows/Ravens!!

Limitless on  8x8 Cradled Birch Panel
This piece is going to be a Thank You gift for a lovely horse person I met recently.
The project I am MOST excited about:
Nonnie's Butterfly House! 

My Mother's (Nonnie to my two boys) birthday is this month! 
Mom is SO hard to buy for. 
This year though, she came up with an idea for us! 
She loves butterflies and she found this amazing online site where you can order caterpillars to RAISE
I ordered her small kit, 6 tiny caterpillars that will grow into Painted Lady Butterflies. My boys are going to love watching Nonnie's butterflies grow up.
Then, Dad made a Butterfly House! 
I had no idea butterflies would use a house.
 How charming! 
Dad was able to whip out this beautiful house in a couple of hours, 
I am going to paint it up bright and beautiful for the butterfly garden Mom is planting this spring.

So that is the update on the goings on around here!