Saturday, June 4, 2011

Magic Abounds

I have been working!
Here is my finished painting that you sneak-peeked a couple of weeks ago.

Magic Abounds

I titled it Magic Abounds. 
This is how I am living my life. Finding the beauty, seeing inspiration and feeling the magic in every moment. I want to drain every ounce of goodness out of all of my experiences.

 Now, since I mentioned magic ... =)
I found new inspiration for an old painting today and HAD to share a bit of that with you! 

I started a painting of a giraffe a few months ago and ran into a block that I have not been able to paint my way out of. 
I was THRILLED to find real life inspiration! 
Here is how I stumbled into it...

Today is my anniversary.
My husband and I have been married 6 fantastically-happy years!
David took the day off and we went off on a family adventure day with our two boys 
(Orin is  2.5 and Liam, 8 months) and my parents.
We ended up at Silver Springs Nature Park in Ocala.
(Ahh, and we had a great day together!!)

Back to the Jackpot... 

Mr. Giraffe
We had an up close experience =)

I LOVE the broken pattern. Our of all the animal prints- giraffe is my fav!

This old man looked so wise and sweet.

This handsome fellow was SUPER friendly, awesomely  photogenic and quite patient 
with me and my camera! 

What a fun day! 

I am happy.
Worn out.
And filled with excitement for the next painting session! 

I hope you stumble into some magic of your own.



  1. Hi Jess,

    I love your new painting 'Magic Abounds'. It truly does contain the magic you painted into it! Gorgeous colors, gorgeous depth and magical surprises when I linger to study it for a while! Wonderful! :0))))) I loved hearing about your enchanting anniversary as well and how you found your inspiration for working on your giraffe painting again! I loved the start to that one and look forward to seeing it come to life! You were mighty lucky to have found such a cooperative model to bring further inspiration! Joy! Thanks for sharing the magic! I love what you create:0) Love, Christine xxx

  2. Beautiful Beautiful! Love the Giraffe Lick picture! Yes..the pattern of their coats are amazing! Can't wait to see how you finish off your giraffe after such up close and personal inspiration! Happy Anniversary!!! (that last pic is a hoot!)

  3. Beautiful Jess; I love your new painting, gorgeous! Lovely colors, and your flowers seem alive...I'm looking forward to see what you do with your giraffe painting...I think the giraffe is my favorite animal; I had a giraffe design on my wedding invitation :) Thanks for the post Jess...Oh and happy anniversary!