Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sometimes those Ah-HA! moments are profound ones...
where the light shines in, as realization smacks you in the face
and you just get IT. 
Other times..... you have to be taken by the hand and have the ah-Ha pointed out to you. 
This was one of those ah-Ha's that had to be pointed out to me...
This painting was painted for an assignment in Paint Free, an AMAZING online class by the lovely and extremely talented Wyanne. 
The Flower Garden~ 2011
Wyanne, told me she saw my style emerging in this piece...
I don't know, Wyanne.
Are you sure? 
Ok. Maybe this loose style that has come so easily wasn't me being "Sloppy"
When I took the time to truly 'Paint Free' THIS is what I produced. 
It was me. 
On canvas.


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