Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back to Basics

My Current Color Obsession

For me, as an artist, there is a flow ... like the waxing and waning of the moon... taking in inspiration and beauty then creating and releasing it. 

I have been taking lots in.. 
Blog surfing..
Oh! The beauty!  I have found so many amazing, talented artist out there. They fill me with inspiration and encouragement. There is something about parallel paths with others, similar interests, obstacles, victories... it makes the world feel not so big, and it is quite wonderful to have other people who speak the language of art.
Who can relate to being infatuated with certain colors, 
YES! Bright Aqua Green! And LOTS of it!

I went gallery hopping...
I had the pleasure of meeting my mentor Wyanne at her gallery in Fernandina. Man. Oh. Man! Love her, love her work. 
I cannot tell you how fabulous it was to finally meet her. Before I discovered her classes online my art life hadn't just been pushed to a back burner.. it wasn't even in the kitchen anymore!
Not the case now! :)
During my trip there were lots of little galleries to pop in and look around.
What neat things I have discovered! 
Techniques and mediums that rock my socks off!
I have been neglecting MY creativity. 

I had to get back to the basics of being an artist...
the Making Art part of things.

Here is something I got started ... there is a lot of Bright Aqua Green.. ahem. LOTS. 
I do believe I got a little carried away.
A little peek at what is on my work table...
(minus the sippy cup and Thomas the Train toys)

I  hope things are flowing and you are creating! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Painting To My Own Tune

In my artwork I have found a space that is mine. No outside person dictates here. There is no one making demands. I do not have to consider anyone else. Sometimes I do share my creative time with my 2 year old son (He is nothing but fun). I have the freedom to express me. I feel without the outlet of painting I might be in danger of spontaneous combustion. There is such intense longing to express things I cannot find words for. 
I became inspired about a year ago when I reconnected with an acquaintance through her art blog. She is a wife and mom of a little boy. Somehow she had found a way to honor her artist with time. I saw it was possible and I started to hope.

The beginning of this year I met Wyanne. Since then she has become a voice in my head. She has taught me as much about myself as she has about my artwork. I have learned about the emotional nature of creating art. I was astounded at how truly emotional the process is. I am expressing myself more eloquently in every area of my life. 

Each piece I complete takes me to a whole new level. I am growing artistically, emotionally and expressively. It is a magical adventure. I am glad you are here! It makes it so much more real when you tell someone.

Thanks for listening!