Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finally, Mr. Giraffe!

Wrapping up 2011 by completing the painting that just wouldn't let me finish it up for months on end!

Giraffe 2011

Acrylic on deep cradled Birch panel
Glad that is over!
He turned out pretty cute, I think.
I have a few new things working currently, 
hopefully they won't be as long 'in the works'. 
Happy New Year!! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Be Bright and Beautiful

After a long dry spell....
Be Bright and Beautiful 2011

I'm back to painting on Birch!
This was a fun little ice breaking piece.
Hope it brings a smile to your face.

Friday, October 21, 2011

We're ALL Mad Here!

I started and finished this pair today!
They were a special request for my mom at the last moment. 

 Tea Party!
She helped me out with my teething baby and
non-stop-talking-almost 3yr. old making this time frame possible.

 "A Verrrry Merry...


 "We're All Mad here!"

I hope you found time for your creativity today too!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two Pair to Share!

Things have been busy at my house. 
I have managed to find time to art-up shoes on request! 

These are the Extreme Weather pair I did for a friend who wanted a gift for the future storm chaser in her life. :)

A truck in a tree and a little red on the radar

Complete with wind-tossed cow

Then I had a request for Shoes in Blue...

I used a really fun glitter paint marker on these 

It turned out amazing! But. It doesn't show up in these photos. 

A little splash of sunshine

You can see a bit of sparkle in this shot, but not much. 

I have another pair I need to get started! 
I will share those with you soon!



Monday, July 25, 2011

Garden Kicks

My grandmother asked me to Art-Up a pair of garden themed shoes in time for my great aunt's birthday next month.

I thought I would share with you!
She is a master gardener 
I added in fun little details like a happy bird house

Plenty of bright flowers!

A bird bath and garden sign

Lots of fun and love! 

My Gran was very happy with them.
I love seeing my artwork put a smile on someones face.  

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Murder of Crows, and other fanciful thoughts

My son has been enjoying the summer library program, story times, songs and moving to silly music has been loads of fun. It takes me back to my childhood as a homeschooler.  We would come out of the library loaded with as many books as we could carry. We couldn't get enough. Our mom would go hoarse reading out loud to us! Stories, brilliant pictures, illustrations, it all came to life and we could get carried away on a magical adventure. My brother and I would read our way to weekly free ice cream cones and other number-of-books-read rewards.
I was reading with Orin the other day, a book my mom picked out. It was all about terms for groups of animals.  Ones we are all familiar with, a herd of elephants, a gaggle of geese....
then I came to, a Murder of Crows? 
A Murder of Crows. 
How captivating! 
I painted this a few weeks ago, and wasn't sure what all I wanted to say about it.
Crows are such intriguing birds to me. 
I remember them being stars in books I read as a child ... stealing shiny objects from farmers.
Finding the sparkle in life and making it their own. 
What a beautiful lesson for us!
Now, I'm not suggesting Kleptomania as a hobby! 
...Or am I? 
What if we were to steal every bit of sparkle, every magical moment and hoard them away like the treasures they are?
I don't want to be guilty of overlooking those shining moments ... the little ones.
The scrap of aluminum foil glinting on the side of the road...
We took the boys to their first movie in theaters the other day. There was a dad with his son sitting next to us. Dad was busy texting away on his smart phone during previews. His little boy was giggling and talking to him about what was on the big screen "wasn't that FUUnny dad?!" 
"I don't know, I didn't see." He didn't even look away from his phone. 
The little boy sank back into his chair defeated.
I wanted to cry for him.
The lesson I take from Crow is one we are all familiar with:
One mans trash is another mans treasure....
It is all perspective. 
Orin spills the entire box of dog treats trying to get one for Fritzie....
We have a counting lesson picking them up and sing a couple of silly songs,
why not make a beautiful memory?
Life is too short to see trash everywhere.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Elephants In Birch

Inspiration is everywhere!
20x20 Birch Panel ... with ELEPHANTS!!!
 Not often is it this OBVIOUS though!!

Liquid Frisket to keep the wood grain in places

The beginning of the pair

I wasn't sure at first who that middle eye belonged to...

A change of direction

Blocking out space

first 'draft' flowers

Not a fan of this

Getting closer

MAJOR Ownership-Issues with that middle eye

Happy with the flowers!

Eyes are getting clearer

Love the flowers now

This was my first painting on a Birch panel... 
first of many! 

Hope you enjoyed seeing this painting come to life,
Elephants 2011


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Magic Abounds

I have been working!
Here is my finished painting that you sneak-peeked a couple of weeks ago.

Magic Abounds

I titled it Magic Abounds. 
This is how I am living my life. Finding the beauty, seeing inspiration and feeling the magic in every moment. I want to drain every ounce of goodness out of all of my experiences.

 Now, since I mentioned magic ... =)
I found new inspiration for an old painting today and HAD to share a bit of that with you! 

I started a painting of a giraffe a few months ago and ran into a block that I have not been able to paint my way out of. 
I was THRILLED to find real life inspiration! 
Here is how I stumbled into it...

Today is my anniversary.
My husband and I have been married 6 fantastically-happy years!
David took the day off and we went off on a family adventure day with our two boys 
(Orin is  2.5 and Liam, 8 months) and my parents.
We ended up at Silver Springs Nature Park in Ocala.
(Ahh, and we had a great day together!!)

Back to the Jackpot... 

Mr. Giraffe
We had an up close experience =)

I LOVE the broken pattern. Our of all the animal prints- giraffe is my fav!

This old man looked so wise and sweet.

This handsome fellow was SUPER friendly, awesomely  photogenic and quite patient 
with me and my camera! 

What a fun day! 

I am happy.
Worn out.
And filled with excitement for the next painting session! 

I hope you stumble into some magic of your own.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sometimes those Ah-HA! moments are profound ones...
where the light shines in, as realization smacks you in the face
and you just get IT. 
Other times..... you have to be taken by the hand and have the ah-Ha pointed out to you. 
This was one of those ah-Ha's that had to be pointed out to me...
This painting was painted for an assignment in Paint Free, an AMAZING online class by the lovely and extremely talented Wyanne. 
The Flower Garden~ 2011
Wyanne, told me she saw my style emerging in this piece...
I don't know, Wyanne.
Are you sure? 
Ok. Maybe this loose style that has come so easily wasn't me being "Sloppy"
When I took the time to truly 'Paint Free' THIS is what I produced. 
It was me. 
On canvas.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back to Basics

My Current Color Obsession

For me, as an artist, there is a flow ... like the waxing and waning of the moon... taking in inspiration and beauty then creating and releasing it. 

I have been taking lots in.. 
Blog surfing..
Oh! The beauty!  I have found so many amazing, talented artist out there. They fill me with inspiration and encouragement. There is something about parallel paths with others, similar interests, obstacles, victories... it makes the world feel not so big, and it is quite wonderful to have other people who speak the language of art.
Who can relate to being infatuated with certain colors, 
YES! Bright Aqua Green! And LOTS of it!

I went gallery hopping...
I had the pleasure of meeting my mentor Wyanne at her gallery in Fernandina. Man. Oh. Man! Love her, love her work. 
I cannot tell you how fabulous it was to finally meet her. Before I discovered her classes online my art life hadn't just been pushed to a back burner.. it wasn't even in the kitchen anymore!
Not the case now! :)
During my trip there were lots of little galleries to pop in and look around.
What neat things I have discovered! 
Techniques and mediums that rock my socks off!
I have been neglecting MY creativity. 

I had to get back to the basics of being an artist...
the Making Art part of things.

Here is something I got started ... there is a lot of Bright Aqua Green.. ahem. LOTS. 
I do believe I got a little carried away.
A little peek at what is on my work table...
(minus the sippy cup and Thomas the Train toys)

I  hope things are flowing and you are creating! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Painting To My Own Tune

In my artwork I have found a space that is mine. No outside person dictates here. There is no one making demands. I do not have to consider anyone else. Sometimes I do share my creative time with my 2 year old son (He is nothing but fun). I have the freedom to express me. I feel without the outlet of painting I might be in danger of spontaneous combustion. There is such intense longing to express things I cannot find words for. 
I became inspired about a year ago when I reconnected with an acquaintance through her art blog. She is a wife and mom of a little boy. Somehow she had found a way to honor her artist with time. I saw it was possible and I started to hope.

The beginning of this year I met Wyanne. Since then she has become a voice in my head. She has taught me as much about myself as she has about my artwork. I have learned about the emotional nature of creating art. I was astounded at how truly emotional the process is. I am expressing myself more eloquently in every area of my life. 

Each piece I complete takes me to a whole new level. I am growing artistically, emotionally and expressively. It is a magical adventure. I am glad you are here! It makes it so much more real when you tell someone.

Thanks for listening!